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Operations Committee

The Operations Committee is the main decision making body of CN-CYR and is responsible for facilitating the development, implementation and evaluation of a work plan and key initiatives to support CN-CYR in meeting its mandate and goals in the areas of clinical practice, education and research. In carrying out its mandate the committee takes into consideration the issues and proposals submitted by the CN-CYR national advisory committee and suggestions expressed by delegates at the annual conference. The operations committee identifies trends and changes in the environment to assist with effective service and systems planning and forms a nominations committee that ensures the selection of all chairs, and the renewal of members involved in the various standing committees.

The operations committee is responsible for the establishment of other committees as required to ensure that CN-CYR is meeting its mandate and goals. This includes an executive committee who exercises the full authority of the operations committee in urgent circumstances; a national advisory committee which includes a broad representation of CN-CYR members and working committees that reflect the long-term goals to achieve our mission.

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