Summary and Report from Oct 18, 2009 CN-CYR Annual National Advisory Meeting

posted Dec 21, 2009, 6:41 AM by Doug Maynard

Following the 2009 CN-CYR National Advisory Forum meeting at the CAPHC conference in Halifax, we have compiled a summary of the discussion.  The various summaries can be found  in the NAC information section at:

There you will find: 

  • A general summary of the full discussion at the meeting, including the committee reports, and the Advisory Café Discussion.
  • A more detailed synopsis and analysis of the Advisory Café discussion on development of a minimum dataset in children’s rehab (Sandy Litman & Shawna Wade, Co-Chairs of CN-CYR’s Outcomes and Benchmarking committee)
  • The PowerPoint presentation as given by Sandy and Shawna.