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Annual Symposium

2011 Annual Workshop

The Future of Children's Health Care - Technological Innovations and their Impact on Service Delivery
October 16, 2011, Westin Ottawa & Ottawa Convention Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

For more information on the 2011 Annual Workshop please visit the CAPHC Conference Website

2010 Annual Workshop

What's working? - Strategies and Practices that are Improving the Health Outcomes of Canadian Children & Youth
October 17, 2010, Winnipeg Convention Centre & Delta Winnipeg Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba

For more information on the 2010 Annual Workshop please visit the CAPHC Conference Website 

2009 Annual Symposium

The Changing Face of Disability
October 18, 2009, Westin Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Who are the populations that Paediatric Rehabilitation is serving? What is the definition of Rehabilitation? These are both impacted by the “Changing Face of Disability” and are on-going questions and discussions within the Canadian Network of Child and Youth Rehabilitation (CN-CYR). Health Prevention and Promotion, Primary Health Care, the International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health are only a few of the initiatives that intersect with Rehabilitation and impact service delivery. Research does not support the view that disability is decreasing. In fact there is evidence to suggest that there is an increase in some disabling conditions. We invite you to join CN-CYR as we discuss where the swinging pendulum is at this point in time with regard to Paediatric Disability in Canada.

2008 Annual Workshop

Trends and Changes in Pediatric Rehabilitation: Impact on Children and Families
October 19, 2008, The Westin Hotel, Edmonton, Alberta

It is with utmost pleasure that we invite you to take part in this workshop dedicated to children and youth living with disabilities and their families. The Trends and Changes in Pediatric Rehabilitation: Impact on Children and Families workshop is a unique and exciting opportunity to focus on current practices in rehabilitation and to promote excellence in rehabilitation services. The Canadian Network for Child and Youth Rehabilitation (CN-CYR) Annual Workshop is being held in partnership with the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres (CAPHC), in conjunction with the CAPHC annual conference.

2008 CN-CYR Presentations

Welcome & Introduction please click here to view the presentation

Applying Research to Improve Health Care Outcomes (Dr. Virginia Wright) please click here to view the presentation

Lessons Learned from the Follow-Up of Children after Life-Saving Therapies (Dr. Charlene Robertson) please click here to view the presentation

Impact of Technology (Panel Presentaion)

Technology Explosion - What does the Future hold? (Jim Raso) please contact Doug Maynard ( at CAPHC for information about this presentation

Robotics - Applications for Children with Disabilities (Dr. Al Cook) please contact Doug Maynard ( at CAPHC for information about this presentation

Advances of Medical Research - Impact on Childhood Disabilities

Potential of Biomarkers as Tools to Predict Disease Development (Dr. Alain Moreau) please click here to view the presentation

What Really Matters Anyway

Focus on Participation, Function ans Quality of Life (Dr. Johanna Darrah) please click here to view the presentation